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Quentin Christensen

Here's an issue for this:

Ralf - there are a couple of issues with drop-down lists in Excel that I know of (this one, I thought was newish, but there is one with lists not reading in Excel 2013 specifically, and another one for items in drop down lists being read out twice which is also still present).  If your issue is among those then hopefully its scope is captured there, otherwise do let us know what you are experiencing to make sure we are aware of it).

For this particular bug, pressing ALT twice is one way of overcoming it (or alt+tab twice as suggested elsewhere).


On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 5:49 AM Ralf Kefferpuetz <ralf.kefferpuetz@...> wrote:

The problem with dropdown cells is valid since years…


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Hello all,

I am facing some issues with latest NVDA and Excel 2016.

If i open any drop down list and select any content from list, after that NVDA stops speaking after pressing down right left arrow or tab.

It becomes speakable again when i switch program using Alt plus tab and come back to excel.

Another issue sometime NVDA stops speaking in excel without above problem. Switching focus back to excel required

Ramesh patil

Quentin Christensen
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