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Monte Single

I found my copy of m s office on amazon for about 20 bucks.

Totally legal;  I got the m s help deskt to assist me with download and installation.

Yes, I know people who have purchased  office 2019  for  similar price.

But,  I don’t think that includes a TB of free cloud storage.

Suit yourself.

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Sent: May-13-20 9:42 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Office 365 with NVDA


I would think that, considering the legitimagte places to get Office cheaply, that subscribing for a monthly fee may be considerably more costly over time.  Unless you need the most current version for some reason, the subscription model seems like a bad deal to me. 


Those who know the prices of buying Office and subscribing to it may be able to give examples of cost



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I know I won’t  move from 2016 to 2019 or 365,  but I will continue to get updates to 2016.

2016 is not dead,  it is still alive in the software world.


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Sent: May-13-20 7:06 AM
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Yes, you wont get 2019 or 365 automatically, you will stay with 2016. With a 365 subscription you always get the newest release of Office.





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I have Office 2016,  it gets updates at no extra cost.

Am I missing something?




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Dear Denis


The main advantage of Microsoft 365 is that Office stays up-to-date at no extra cost.


Kind regards




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Subject: [nvda] Office 365 with NVDA


What are the advantages and disadvantages  of Office 365 with NVDA?  Will it find my account in office 2016?

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