Issue with pronunciation dictionary

Sharni-Lee Ward

First of all, I should point out I haven't updated to 2019.3 yet because I've not checked in here in a while and don't know for sure if updating from 2019.2.1 breaks anything I don't want broken/will yell at me for having incompatible addons installed. I'm terrible at checking my emails and I'm sorry.

But I'm having an issue changing a pronunciation and it's bugging me. I'm a Star Trek: Voyager fan, and one character, B'Elanna Torres, has her name spelled as shown here. Except on some websites the apostrophe is turned into a "Right Single Quote". I had fixed the pronunciation for her name years ago, but when I discovered this phenomenon today, I tried to fix it. The literal only difference is the punctuation. I tried making its own entry and adding the same replacement to it. That didn't work. I tried making it case-sensitive. That also did not work. I tested to make sure the dictionary itself wasn't acting up, and another test entry worked just fine. I even tried replacing the single quote with a normal apostrophe and it didn't work.

What am I doing wrong?

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