Re: Are Unikey and Sogou accessible?


Hi Marco Oros

I'm Cuong from Vietnam, and I'll share info about UniKey program.

First, the correct spelling for Vietnamese typing Program is UniKey, not Unikey.
FYI, the program is quite accessible, and it usually set to start automatically when Windows start. Almost its settings just do once, then blind, or sighted people just turn on there computer and type Vietnamese as anytime. This require NVDA users to turn off the Handle keys from other applications option in keyboard settings.

On 5/14/2020 11:25 PM, Marco Oros wrote:

I have questions to two different languages, Chinese and Vietnamese.

So, are the Unikey (for Vietnamese) and Sogou Pinyin (for Chinese) accessible for the blind and how they works?

Thank You.

Marco Oros

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