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What do you mean by with a screen-reader?  any browser that supports browse mode, as NVDA calls it, or the virtual pc cursor, as JAWS calls it, uses exactly the same commands for moving around pages and reading them.
Control l is used to move you to the address bar for typing an address.
Alt b opens the book marks menu.

Control h opens history.
Control j opens the downloads dialog where you can see the progress of a download and do other things regarding downloads.
there is a lot of standardization among popular browsers used by blind people.  Most of these commands such as control j and control h work in Chrome.  The command to open book marks is different.  Also the interface for history and downloads is different.  But for much of what people do, they will find things identical or nearly identical. 
That's why its unfortunat that so many people are so unwilling to even try another browser.  Internet Explorer is going to work on increasingly fewer web pages and this has already started.  Isn't it better to try a new browser before you are under pressure to do so?

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Once you get it installed, check in the Help section; there's probably
a list of shortcut keys in there.


On 5/14/20, Ibrahim Abedrabbo <abedrabboibrahim@...> wrote:
> Thanks Nancy,
> I asked you the question about Fire Fox settings because I have not used it
> for over six years and do not remember much about its shortcuts. I do not
> even know if there is a list for shortcuts of fire fox with a screen
> reader.
> Hopefully some other people who have used fire fox on a regular bases give
> me some tips and hints.
> Regards,
> Ibrahim
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> I don't think I ever had to change any settings with regard to N V D A or
> any other screen reader.
> Nance
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