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There is also the question:  Which Edge?

Right now there is a new, stable, Chromium-based Edge browser which will eventually be the only Edge browser - but one has to intentionally download and install it from the Microsoft Edge Page now if you want it.  Heaven only knows when the rollout to all users will actually gather speed, as so many things have been slowed or postponed secondary to the Covid-19 pandemic.  I suggest people do get and install new Edge, as the original Edge, which is still what most Windows 10 users have, has never been great in a number of ways, and accessibility is one of them.

Gene has a very, very good point about not using Internet Explorer unless absolutely necessary.  Microsoft has been trying to get people to dump Internet Explorer for several years now, but have kept it around during the transition period to Edge only (as a Microsoft browser product - of course Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Opera, and the list goes on and on exist as third-party web browsers).

Original Edge is "dead browser walking" and Internet Explorer has been a zombie for a very long time now.

Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer | Daniel Miessler        (Dec 2019)

The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser ...            (March 2019 – straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth)

Microsoft cybersecurity expert: Please, stop using Internet ...  (Feb 2019)

Microsoft security chief: IE is not a browser, so stop using ...     (Feb 2019)

Microsoft wants you to stop using Internet Explorer                    (Feb 2019)

12 reasons not to use Internet Explorer, ever | Computerworld  (June 2011 – Even more valid now)

And if you web search on “Why you should not use Internet Explorer” the list of returned results is long, and virtually unanimous in the expert (and non-expert) opinion that you should not.


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Science has become just another voice in the room; it has lost its platform.  Now, you simply declare your own truth.

      ~ Dr. Paul A. Offit, in New York Times article, How Anti-Vaccine Sentiment Took Hold in the United States, September 23, 2019



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