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Well it depends what you want.

Dropbox has it at 9 bucks a month.

Google has it at 10 bucks a month for the entire suite aparently maybe that has changed now as that was a couple years old.

You can get 50gb on onedrive for 2 dollars 50.

You can get 50gb on mega for free but I have lost my password info.

You can get 250gb on keybase but the client is not really that usable as such though it sounds if you want just data with public access similar to an ftp free with private storage to then all you need would be a free wordpress or wordpress site waith say 500mb to 2 gb for plugins or a free one and link directly to keybase itself.

Icloud has prices from 2 dollars for 50gb to something like 20 dollars for 1tb.

the icloud client for windows aint what you could call a complete accessibility success.

It works enough but enough aint really good enough to be honest.

Actually the most accessible would be if you either had or brought ftp access on something like public ftp, used something like flashfxp to upload and link directly either with ftp, http or https on your own domain but there are costs associated with a lot of that.

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I doubt its worth payind something like 90 or 100 dollars a year for that free space.  How much would it cost to get space that you pay for directly? 
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Another advantage is one terabyte of storage space on OneDrive.

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Dear Denis


The main advantage of Microsoft 365 is that Office stays up-to-date at no extra cost.


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What are the advantages and disadvantages  of Office 365 with NVDA?  Will it find my account in office 2016?

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