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Further replying to my post, office 365 could be thought more like a mobile phone plan than a storage plan.

Storage and office are a part of it but depending on the addition all home additions have 100 minutes of calls a month and professional and business packages have 200 minutes a month.

To be honest though if you live in a family or flatting situation I'd buy the family pack and share the cost with your users.

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I doubt its worth payind something like 90 or 100 dollars a year for that free space.  How much would it cost to get space that you pay for directly? 
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Another advantage is one terabyte of storage space on OneDrive.

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Dear Denis


The main advantage of Microsoft 365 is that Office stays up-to-date at no extra cost.


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What are the advantages and disadvantages  of Office 365 with NVDA?  Will it find my account in office 2016?

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