Re: question regard current for ground object.


I should add an important thing.  When you are moving in this way, if you stop somewhere, using control, if you are in object review, you will be whare you stop.  At times, I move to something by letting the information read and pressing control when I hear something I know is there from previous use of the command in a certain window.  I am then on the control, such as a button and I activate using commands to activate items such as controls I am on using the object navigator.  I am talking about cmmands such as NVDA key numpad  enter or move the mouse and activate.  I have at times found this very useful, though if I find something by using NVDA key b. I may move the object navigator to it directly, depending on which is faster and easier. 

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This may be longer with more ihformation than you want but you and others may find this interesting and useful.  I almost never see it discussed and almost never other than in very shoret explanations which tell nothing of the interesting ways it may be used and what you may learn.
an object can be many things, and I don't know technically enough to define it properly. 
But in practical terms, if you are in a dialog, the dialog will usually be spoken.  if you are in a document, for example in Notepad, no part of the document is spoken.  Instead, you will hear certain controls announced.  I am not generalizing about word processors or text editors.  I don't know what sort of variations you may find.
Others may discuss what an object is and why certain things are read.  But in practical terms, you may find it interesting and useful to try the command in different programs.  There are times when you may hear things read you will never hear otherwise, and they may be useful because you may hear many controls announced you won't find in ordinary use.  You could find them or most of them by looking around the screen using object review but that is a lot of work and tedious and you may miss things. 
In a lot of programs, you don't need to do this but as a matter of curiosity and if you want to see if there may be useful things in a program, you might want to do this. 
Sometimes, its just interesting to see how much information sighted people get that blind people don't.  In my e-mail program, for example, Windows Live Mail, if I'm in the main window, I hear all sorts of things that tell sighted people how to open or activate all sorts of features I might not have known about otherwise.  As in a radio, for example, where buttons or knobs might say off/on/volume, tone, etc. so when I use the command in Windows Live mail, I hear all sorts of commands I do in other ways, along with things I would never have happened across, such as start the colorizer.  All sorts of things blind people learn shortcuts for, sighted people can just see as controls in the main Windows, I believe often in toolbars such as reply to a message.  This is one reason why sighted people can use computers so quickly with little knowledge and little time spent learning.  I would never have really known or understood this, if I hadn't used this command in some programs. I had thought mostly sighted people clicked menus and then clicked an item in a menu, for example.  From looking at Windows Live Mail in the main window, I learned that often, it isn't necessary.  The sorts of things I found are the equivalent of keyboard shortcuts but they are visual.  A sighted person may just sees a reply button and click it.
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Subject: [nvda] question regard current for ground object.

hello all,
Hope you stay safe.
I have question regarding shortcut key insert plus b.
it says speak current for ground object.
whats the mean?
i tried to apply but i am little bit confuse.
it announce whole screen suppose i open word.
so it says document 1 micro soft word, riben tab quick tab ETC so if any can explane proper way please

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