Re: question regard current for ground object.


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We may need to change the description…

The “foreground object”, in this context refers to screen (programming description to follow). That is, when you press NVDA+B, NVDA will read contents of the screen – specifically the apps you are focused on. As Gene and others pointed out, it includes information that are usually not keyboard focusable such as tool bars, menu bar, status bars, among many other things.

Technical: for resident programmers, this command will perform a pre-order tree traversal. The root node is the foreground object (specifically, what NVDA thinks is the foreground object, which is ultimately set by accessibility API in use).




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NVDA+b reads the current foreground object, in other words the object that currently has focus.  It is mostly used for things like windows that pop open to give information and just have an OK button.  NVDA  will usually read out the contents of the Window automatically but if you  wanted to listen to the details again, NVDA+b would read it for you.





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Subject: [nvda] question regard current for ground object.


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I have question regarding shortcut key insert plus b.

it says speak current for ground object.

whats the mean?

i tried to apply but i am little bit confuse.

it announce whole screen suppose i open word.

so it says document 1 micro soft word, riben tab quick tab ETC so if any can explane proper way please


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