Re: Joseph Lee's add-ons: version 20.06 stable releases coming next week, no add-on snapshots throughout June

Cordelia Scharpf

Congratulations, Joseph, on your great accomplishments! Thank you very much for all the great work you have done and for tons of helpful bits of advice you have offered on top of your coursework and all. You deserve a break to recharge and lots of fresh air!


Keep well,




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Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2020 7:59 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Joseph Lee's add-ons: version 20.06 stable releases coming next week, no add-on snapshots throughout June


Take care of yourself, man. This is a difficult time for everyone and I don't blame you for stepping back. Thanks for all the work you do.


On Sat, May 16, 2020 at 1:56 AM Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:

Hello everyone,


First, thank you everyone for celebrating the news noted on recent In-Process blog post. I accept the All-American Team recognition solemnly, knowing that it means a lot to the blindness community, and for folks here, to the wider NVDA community.


Second, people who regularly visit NVDA community add-ons website may have noticed changes for entries such as Add-on Updater, Resource Monitor, and StationPlaylist. Those keeping an eye on version changes may have noticed a new entry named “20.06”. I’m delighted to announce that version 20.06 for stable channel subscribers is on its way for the following add-ons, to be released next week:

  • Add-on Updater
  • Control Usage Assistant
  • Enhanced Touch Gestures
  • GoldWave
  • Object Location Tones
  • Resource Monitor
  • StationPlaylist
  • Windows 10 App Essentials


For people reading the changelog might be wondering what the following entry means:


Resolved potential bugs with Flake8.


Flake8 is a tool used to check coding style for Python projects. NV Access and code contributors have been using this tool for months so NVDA screen reader source code can conform to certain coding styles used by wider Python community. Flake8 is also useful for discovering potential and actual bugs, as some of the more recent bug fixes in StationPlaylist were due to Flake8 flagging code that may lead to problems.


For many of you, you won’t notice any changes (apart from users of StationPlaylist). Because I know that many of you are impacted by COVID-19 (including physical distancing), I won’t release all eight updates at once – it’ll be done in waves, starting with Enhanced Touch Gestures and ending with Add-on Updater.


Speaking of add-on updates, I must confess that I’m exhausted after going through a confusing spring term in college. Therefore I will not be working on add-on maintenance in June so I can get some fresh air (i.e. taking a break). For users of StationPlaylist and Windows 10 App Essentials, this means no development snapshots in June; fortunately everything required for the next stable version (20.07) is done – all that needs to be done is release it after the break. I’ll still be around on NVDA list – it’s just that I’m taking a break from NVDA world for a while.





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