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Quentin Christensen

What problems do you have using configuration profiles?  I'm not aware of any big issues with them.

I'm not sure about the SAPI 5 vs OneCore voices although I expect some voices might only be available in one or the other perhaps?



On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 1:01 AM Akshaya Choudhary <acsociopath@...> wrote:
Hello guys,
I have a few questions:
1.    Is there a way to have different punctuation settings for different voices or synthesizers? I think it can be done by creating a different configuration profile. But, my NVDA starts behaving weird if there are more than one configuration profiles. So, an alternative is welcome.
2.    I have 6 voices available in my Windows One Core synthesizer, but when I switch to SAPI 5, I can only access two of those voices. What could be the reason? The two available SAPI 5 voices are English US voices. The other two set of voices that are only available in One Core synthesizer are Indian English and Hindi.
3.    In Phonetic Punctuation add-on, some audio rules stay active regardless of the set punctuation level. For example, if Phonetic Punctuation is turned on, I hear sounds for ellipsis; left and right parenthesis’s; and editable field, even when my punctuation level is set to none.   Any suggestions to fix this?
Also, can there be a setting allowing the users to set  independent punctuation levels for the audio rules?
I shall be grateful for any feedback.


Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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