Re: accessible uninstaller


There's 3 options I've found that work well. Ironically, one of the suggestions came from a certain blind website I'll refuse to name, because it's an illegal operation. But, the links below are all legit sources.

  1. Puran Utilities. Very accessible, but hasn't been updated in years. Don't be shocked if it never updates.
  2. Bulk Crap Uninstaller. Mostly accessible, but takes a lot of configuring to have it automate most tasks. IMO, it's junk cleanup is crap, but this is the only option that allows for batch uninstalling and cleaning up Windows 10 Metro apps.
  3. Hi Bit Uninstaller. Very accessible. Updates Frequently. I could never uninstall windows 10 apps with it though, despite it's claim. Typical capitalism. The cleanup process after uninstalls can be automated, but I found it leaving a bunch of registry items it should have removed. So, write to the developer.

Have fun! I hope others have more suggestions.

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