Re: Question: Removing Bookmarks In Mozilla Firefox Using NVDA and Keyboard-- not mouse


This isn't an NVDA question.  I'll answer it but I won't discuss it further here, but in the chat group.
One way is to use alt b to open book marks.  Find the one you want, open the context menu, find delete and press enter.  Before you press enter the first time, note the short cut letter, I think its d.  From now on, open the context menu and type d, if my memory is correct about the short cut.
You can use the search book marks feature but you have to get to it in a different way now.  
Control I doesn't open book mark search in most parts of the program interface now.
Instead, use this cumbersome method.  I think that often, searching for a bookmark is convenient enough that fooling around with the cumbersome interface is worth it.
Open the library part of Firefox that deals with book marks with control shift b.
Shift tab twice.  Type what you are looking for.  Tab once.  You will see search results. 
Press enter on the one you want, you are working just as if you were in control I results now.
Then, once the desired page loads, alt tab to library and close it with alt f4.
If you want to see the tree view you saw with control I when you tabbed once without typing anything, do the following:
Open the library, control shift b, and shift tab once.  You are now in the tree view.
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Subject: [nvda] Question: Removing Bookmarks In Mozilla Firefox Using NVDA and Keyboard-- not mouse

I have Firefox 76.0.1 64bit on this laptop running Win7. I would like to clean up my bookmarks. There was a method I had used in the past involving control+i which now seems to not work as it had previously.
Googling led me to hear of a way to remove a bookmark where you click an icon on the address bar-- something I had no luck in finding how to access that icon from the address bar.
How can I remove bookmarks, either one at a time or in multiples, using only the keyboard with NVDA?
--Laurie M.

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