Re: reading what seems to be a blank email



           I did receive the forwarded copy and have played with it, to the same end result you had.  If this is an organization you deal with frequently, they should be made aware that they are using HTML coding that is both non-standard and not accessible.

           Even if I click in to the text itself, you get nothing with a read all or any motion through the text.  It's as though there's a "cloak of invisibility" placed over it.  This is not in any way characteristic of most HTML formatted messages (which should be as accessible as web pages are).

            It's always good to have several tricks in your back pocket, as Gene has suggested, for dealing with this when you need to.  But, the people that should be dealing with the issue are those generating the message to begin with.  It probably takes more effort to create and inaccessible HTML message than a correctly formatted one.  This is the first I've ever dealt with that has the total "cloak of invisibility" quality.  Very weird.


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