Re: nvda 2019.3 vocalizer, and remote support


Hmmm the only time this happens is if there is a server dropout.

there was one a bit ago and I lost connection on the server.

But I still had a seat on the activation I confirmed with code factory.

From time to time the programs dial home to check if they are still active.

If there is a connection outage then that stops working.

You can't activate or deactivate when the servers are down.

However, when they go up again you will have to reactivate to reestablish connection and will not lose a licence.

It seems ok for me but then I havn't tried to deactivate anything yet but will be in the next few days when I update to 2004.

I would email code factory to see if there is an outage then try again to activate the licence.

On 19/05/2020 4:45 pm, intellisystech@... wrote:
Hi, yesterday my license is still ok. When i start my computer today. The NVDA keep prompt "Your Vocalizer for NVDA credentials are not set for this computer. You will need to set them to use vocalizer for NVDA for long time periods, so your license can be properly verified.". nother I can do and press. How can I do now ? I try to delete the NVDA folder in appdata folder and install the NVDA again. After I insall the vocalizer driver again, I keeps prompt this error again. PleaseĀ  help. Thanks

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