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Luke Davis

While I hate to violate Brian's wish to take this to chat, I do feel like I should note a particular point of caution here.

When you are doing a thing like this on some manufacturer's laptops, be aware that you may be losing utilities that control extended features of the hardware for which there is no native Windows control method.

For example, on my MSI gaming laptop (which is a splendid laptop I might add), the MSI SCM utility software, and the MSI Dragon Center, are required to manage things like hardware buttons, keyboard backlighting, battery max charge (to keep it from charging past 80% for supposed better battery longevity), the FN-F4 run program macro, and various other things.

If your laptop has features like this, that are only accessible with a manufacturer supplied utility or group of same, you will probably want to download those again once you're on the other side of your Windows reinstall.
More accurately, you will probably want to make note of where and how to download those again, assuming you can.

(N.B. and no, for the record, MSI's Dragon Center is far from fully accessible with NVDA.)


On Tue, 19 May 2020, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 03:28 PM, Kenny wrote:
That's exactly what I did [a completely clean reinstall on a brand-new machine]
It's something that many technicians will do, and if you have an SSD it's an incredibly fast process.  What takes the most time is getting updates that may
have been issued since the last ISO building blocks were officially released.  For the ISO for version 1909 I snagged yesterday, the check for additional
updates and downloading them took less than 2 minutes.  Mind you, the client had fiber-optic internet, which helps immensely, but you can still get a sense
of how much it was snagging, and at this stage in the game with version 1909 it was very little.Using install media created via the Microsoft Windows 10
Media Creation Tool gets you the most "stripped down and essential" Windows 10 installation you can get.  Even then, take the time to actually review the
various screens during setup and tweak to your liking.At this point I'm going to ask that unless someone wishes to propose another third-party uninstaller
that's accessible via NVDA, we take this to the Chat Subgroup if the discussion of getting the cleanest fresh install of Windows 10 requires more
discussion.  I'll end with noting you're definitely right, Kenny, that using any manufacturer's restore partition/utility to restore your machine to its
"out of the box" state does just that - bloatware and all. --

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