Re: What do You prefer to write Docs, Presentations, or Spreadsheets with NVDA


To be honest same here.

Now All I need is a modern word document converter.

I have a lot of old word documents in word 95, there is supposed to be a way to make it do and I do have the files from an old xp system and I have installed them the way jart wants me to do but they don't render right.

I know I can manually do it all but is there a way to say submit something to somewhre or do it in batch or something.

My only stipulation is it needs to be free or low cost because I'd not be doing it more than once otherwise I will haveto process things one at a time.

On 20/05/2020 4:29 am, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Jarte for docs, and emails. I don't do the rest.

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On 19 May 2020, at 6:00, Tyaseta Rabita Nugraeni Sardjono wrote:

microsoft office and open service is for gmail,
googling, google from

On 5/19/20, Marco Oros marco.oros93@... wrote:


I have a question.

What do You prefer to write Docs, Slides and Spreadsheets with NVDA?

Google services, Microsoft office, or Apache Open office?

Thank You.


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