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This addon is not an AI example.
OCR is not AI in general.

And yes. 20 years of screen readers are now interested in AI.
There is work on this at GSoC. Recognication  the objects of images etc.

Currently an experienced user can do whatever they want with a screen reader like NVDA.
Almost all obstacles disappear with AI.

On 19/05/2020 02:29, Brian Vogel wrote:
For those who want to know more about SIBIAC, see:

It is strictly for Reaper and requires a minimum screen resolution of 1920x1080, which would rule it out for me on a laptop.

AI is a marvelous thing, and there will definitely be major advances in the coming years.  But it will be a very long time before it comes close to what wetware (the human brain) can do.  Not to mention that AI, like other humans, will make choices that you, personally, may not prefer,a particularly until it trains itself to you.

It's interesting to see what people envision as far as AI.  I've been saying for a long time that if we could train a screen reader to consider a web page the way most sighted individuals do when they see them, which means instantly ignoring an awful lot of stuff, it would be so much faster to get to the information that's generally being sought.  But even then, what I consider extraneous you may consider essential, or vice versa.  But that's not likely to be the case for things like navigation bars and the collections of links that appear at the bottom (and sometimes top) of a very great many web pages.  If those get used once every hundred visits to most sites, with the exception of newspapers where their sections are generally presented near the top, that's probably an overestimate.

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