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Quentin Christensen

This is still a requested issue.  I don't know of any movement with it lately, but you can find the issue here:

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I have searched rather diligently, with no success, for an NVDA function that I saw, a couple of years back, was under development/consideration for either an NVDA feature or an add-on.

I do not see it anywhere in the NVDA manual or the tutorial, and I see no add-on with a title or description of this functionality.

I hope I’m just inept as a searcher.

I’m looking for the ability to recognize capital letters, not just when reading by letter—I know that functionality is present—but rather, the ability to recognize when words are capitalized (or in solid capital letters) when reading by line, by paragraph, or in say-all.

Presently, I have to switch to JAWS for this functionality, and it is so absolutely crucial that it must be, at least, under development in some add-on.  In fact, this functionality is the only reason I keep JAWS installed.

Surely others find the absence of this functionality a serious matter.  Perhaps we could pool our resources to pay a clever add-on developer to create it?



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