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I to would strongly suggest Abby. I have been using it for years and it works very well. It is interesting that other OCR products license the Abby engine to do the OCR operation. Most of those products do not make a point of telling that to their customers.



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Try Abby fine reader, 


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Further to my old document conversion issue a user suggested multiple
document converter by polenter software.

I downloaded it but found 2 issues.

1.  the program is not fully accessible.

Thats fine, I have only 2 large folders of files I want to convert.

2.  on converting my word 95 files to 2003-word97 files, the files
themselves were corrupted and jarte crashed.

I then tried docx.

Every document I had which was quite old my word 95 files for example,
were blank.

This converter aint for me.

I have jarte which I payed for, which does everything I want.

Sadly I may have to get libre office or ms office or something so I can
read the files, I have a system with libre office and the files are read
fine enough, and I hardly need them, but if there is another document
converter even ifits a low cost office thing I'll try that.

This one just is not serving my purpose.

I also had a little trouble accessing it and in fact the rest of the
polenter apps were not especially usable.

I wander if there are document converters in the ms store.

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