Re: A few questions

Akshaya Choudhary

One more thing, Quentin. Since I’m experimenting with Phonetic Punctuation add-on, I created a profile for the same and set it to manual activation. To  use the add-on as per my preference, I changed the punctuation level for left quote, right quote, and bang. Now, when I switch to normal profile, it has a different synthesizer and Phonetic Punctuations is turned off, like I want and like I set it to be. But, the change in the punctuation levels of one profile is carried to the other profile. I would like to have different punctuation settings for these two profiles. How can I achieve this?

In short, I wish to have a profile with Phonetic Punctuation turned on, which I can manually activate, and which has its own punctuation settings. I wish to use this profile as an alternate to the normal profile, and thus don’t want it to be tied to a single application.



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