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Others may want to make correction s or expand on what I'm saying.  I haven't kept up with scanners for years but this is my understanding of how things used to be.
I don't know if the driver has anything too do with what the scanner supports.  It used to be that at least some scanners came with accessible OCR programs.  I don't know enough about this to generalize, but it is my impression that not as many do now.  The thing to do might be to ask the list for good scanners to use for OCR and get a program like Fine Reader to use with it, which is accessible and much cheaper than software for blind people such as Openbook or Kurzweil.  It isn't a question of whether the driver is accessible, but whether you can use the scanner with accessible scanning programs.  Do scanners usually support the TWAIN interface?  I believe Fine Reader uses that interface.  I havedn't looked into whether the TWAIN interface is necessary with such programs and others may comment.
The Epson Perfection series of scanners has been popular with blind people scanning documents for a long time.  I haven't looked into the line for years and others can comment on whether it is still popular. 

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Depends on what software you are going to use with it.
If you are using open book and/or kerzweil os something like that all you should need is twain support and that will be transparent to the software.
I havea a standalone black and white brother inexpensive laser printer that I just love and a separate cannon scanner that is working like a champ.
Hope this helps

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Hello all,
I am looking to buy a new scanner as my old one just died. However I've heard that scanner drivers from many manufacturers tend to be not very accessible. Can anyone recommend me which scanner (or scanner+printer) comes with accessible driver/accompanying software?

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