Re: Accessible scanner drivers


I can definitely say that OCR engines in general have improved more substantially than I can even express over the last several decades.  You can have some very, very crappy originals and still get remarkably accurate results.  For those of us of a certain age where mimeographed copies were later photocopied you get these things that have little dots scattered all over the place and blotches here and there.  When I've OCRed these (or image PDF versions of these) in recent years the results have been nearly perfect, which is saying something.

I also just tested the Canon IJ Scan Utility with NVDA and all of its buttons are accessible and, given how little its changed over the years, I'd expect that the underlying functions for each, when they require user interaction, will be so as well.  For single page scanning to PDF all you do is hit one button and you're done.


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