Re: Accessible scanner drivers


Hmmm most modern scanners unless they are the semi expensive ie over 200 dollars will have an ocr package.

Anything 90 dollars or under won't.

All depends what you want.

cannon will have an ok driver set, online html manual, etc.

Hp will have a reasonable driver set, web interfaces, email printing but their smart setup and printer apps just don't work however regular drivers are a snap.

Firmware updates can be a bit of a tricky beast but you can update from the web internal server and its ok.

The hp connected account system is a heck of a lot better than it was a couple years back.

I am unsure about epsom but they did come with abbyy fine reader sprint.

Hp ones may come with readiris which sadly after version 12 aint worth it, a pitty because the prices for readiris on hps are majorly cut down.

So a home version of readiris is a lot less than it would other wise be.

A corperate version is slightly more expensive than the home version but aparently a user that I have as a friend and a fellow tester at dolphin and former dealer says its rubbish.

Right now, the only issue which is not resolved is that abby 15 while having a lot more access is really slow on menu access.

I have told support, they have tested it, and given it to the devs who have also tested it.

The bug has been found and aparently fixed but there is no release date for the new v15.

So either buy and use abbyy 14 or 12 for now.

You can try 15 but the menus just don't speak right with any reader.

Now if you want something with all the features, server controls, etc, brother stuff is the best.

No eprint, but the ability for server side controls with software which I have not tried to use.

An accessible ish web interface and service pannel.

Not as good as hp's interface but not bad either.

As usual updates from the device for firmware the updaters can be a bit hit and miss otherwise though a bit better than hp.

The driver installers are slightly inaccessible on a couple screens but not to bad.

The software updaters are ok enough to use.

The iprint software after its set just runs but aint really accessible.

The drivers themselves are ok but not that accessible though once installed its fine.

A pluss for brothers is that there is a full version of paperport installed and this will work if you have any brother product on the system.

The updater for that works well to.

So it all depends on waht you want.

On 22/05/2020 2:38 am, Tony Malykh wrote:
Hello all,
I am looking to buy a new scanner as my old one just died. However I've heard that scanner drivers from many manufacturers tend to be not very accessible. Can anyone recommend me which scanner (or scanner+printer) comes with accessible driver/accompanying software?


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