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Quentin Christensen

If you run NVDA without the add-on does the symbol level work as it should?  As you indicated, setting the punctuation level in a configuration profile should only affect that profile.

If you DON'T specify a particular setting in a configuration profile, and then change it in the normal profile, it will carry over, but if you then change it in the profile, it will take the profile setting.  To demonstrate:

1. using the normal profile.  Set the punctuation level to all
2. Create a profile and activate it.
3. Don't touch the punctuation level, but read something - all punctuation is read.
4. deactivate the profile.
5. Set punctuation level to none.
6. Activate the profile again.
7. Read something, punctuation level is set to none.
8. Set punctuation level to some.
9. Deactivate the profile.  Punctuation level returns to all (as set in the normal profile).
10. Activate the profile, punctuation level back to some.

On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 12:36 AM Akshaya Choudhary <acsociopath@...> wrote:

One more thing, Quentin. Since I’m experimenting with Phonetic Punctuation add-on, I created a profile for the same and set it to manual activation. To  use the add-on as per my preference, I changed the punctuation level for left quote, right quote, and bang. Now, when I switch to normal profile, it has a different synthesizer and Phonetic Punctuations is turned off, like I want and like I set it to be. But, the change in the punctuation levels of one profile is carried to the other profile. I would like to have different punctuation settings for these two profiles. How can I achieve this?

In short, I wish to have a profile with Phonetic Punctuation turned on, which I can manually activate, and which has its own punctuation settings. I wish to use this profile as an alternate to the normal profile, and thus don’t want it to be tied to a single application.



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