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Quentin Christensen

Which Synthesizer are you using?  I just typed 150 words in a cell with eSpeak NG and it read fine all the way, and read back.  Then I did the same thing with OneCore and it worked.  I just realised I used NVDA 2020.1 - is there a reason you are using 2019.3.1 and now 2020.1?  Also are you using any add-ons?  If you restart Excel with add-ans disabled, does the spreadsheet work any better?

Re Louis suggestion - you shouldn't need to turn off allow editing in Cells - That was fixed over a year ago, but do let us know if it makes a difference.  Ah here it is - 2019.1 had the fix for the editing in cells bug:

Aravind, Please don't hijack threads - I know this is about Excel but it is a completely different question.  Yours is a perfectly valid question, just would be better in its own thread (to be honest, off the top of my head I'm not sure - I'll have to have a look at it later).


On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 8:55 PM Aravind R <aravind.andhrabank@...> wrote:
Friends, is NVDA supportive in vlookup function? normal uses mouse to
select column range for second argument which is easily done by jaws
using control+page up/down then selection keyboard commands. but, NVDA
is not reading the selection. is there any work around with NVDA?

On 22/05/2020, Louis Maher <ljmaher03@...> wrote:
> Hello Ed,
> Some tips for Excel cell editing.
> You can open a cell for editing with f2.  When you are editing with f2, alt
> + enter will insert a line feed in that cell without throwing you out of the
> cell.
> Also, depending on what Microsoft and your screen editor have done lately,
> it is advisable to:
> Open an Excel spreadsheet. Type alt + f. Up arrow to options.  Hit enter.
> Arrow down to advanced. Tab to “Allow editing directly in cells” and uncheck
> that box.  Tab to ok.
> This might help your situation.
> Regards
> Louis Maher
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> Subject: [nvda] Excel NVDA and Large Text Cells
>               I have a template Excel spreadsheet that I need to use over
> and over.  It does some rudimentary computations, but mostly it is a
> repository for data.
> I have problems with one column.  In that particular column, I need to enter
> a significant bit of text.  We are not talking about paragraphs.  Instead,
> the maximum length is about 30 words.
> Once the text exceeds, on average, five or six words, Excel goes totally
> silent.  Text continues to be entered, but there is no sound, even when
> using arrows or the tab key to move around.  I need to use Alt+Tab out and
> back again to restore speech.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> I’m using the highest 19 version of NVDA (before version 2020) and the
> latest version of Excel.
> Thanks in advance.
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