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Richard Kuzma

Good morning,
For what it is worth, I have used several of NCH's products and they are practactly 100 percent accessible.
Most of them even come with a thirty day demo.
Hope this helps

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aah ok I'lll look at that to.

On 22/05/2020 1:34 am, Tony Ballou wrote:

Try this one. It's got a free and a professional version, is
accessible with screen readers, and should do the job.


On 5/21/2020 1:47 AM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

Further to my old document conversion issue a user suggested multiple
document converter by polenter software.

I downloaded it but found 2 issues.

1. the program is not fully accessible.

Thats fine, I have only 2 large folders of files I want to convert.

2. on converting my word 95 files to 2003-word97 files, the files
themselves were corrupted and jarte crashed.

I then tried docx.

Every document I had which was quite old my word 95 files for
example, were blank.

This converter aint for me.

I have jarte which I payed for, which does everything I want.

Sadly I may have to get libre office or ms office or something so I
can read the files, I have a system with libre office and the files
are read fine enough, and I hardly need them, but if there is another
document converter even ifits a low cost office thing I'll try that.

This one just is not serving my purpose.

I also had a little trouble accessing it and in fact the rest of the
polenter apps were not especially usable.

I wander if there are document converters in the ms store.

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