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Marquette, Ed

I am unaware of an add-on like text analyzer; however, the font change, attribute change, indent, color change can all be picked up (along with more), by pressing CapsLock, control, and D. I created a configuration profile with all that turned on. I call it proof reading.
With Word's grammar check turned on, I get pretty much what text analyzer offers, except the open quote with no closed quote function. That, however, drove me nuts because, if one read line-by-line, JAWS thought I had failed to close the quote when the close quote was just on the next line.
NVDA cannot announce capitalization when reading by line, and that is a serious shortcoming, and the reason I have to keep JAWS.

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Hi Friends
Is there any nvda add-on that works as 'text analiser' to find text inconsistency like that of jaws? In jaws, we find text inconsistency with insert+space, a; or with win key+alt+i. how about in nvda?
Thank you!

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