Can NVDA Access Font Attributes for Non Standard Web Page Links?

Kenny <kwashingtonbox@...>

This problem has been bugging me for a while, so I've decided to ask much smarter people here on the list about it.

Decided to tinker with my old TP-Link Archer C3150 router for I'm looking to replace my current Verizon Quantum Gateway Router.

In the Archer C3150 admin area the various settings are toggled on/off by clicking what seems to be a non standard HTML link. Not sure if it is created with Java Script or DHTML. The problem is that I have no verbal confirmation from NVDA if the font has changed color, face type or anything.

Got visual assistance and I'm told the link turns "Green" when toggled on, and "Red" when toggled off.

Is there any add-on or NVDA keyboard shortcut available that would allow me to access all font attributes of a letter the mouse pointer or Browser cursor is focused on?

The background/foreground color, type, size etc? There has too be a way for me to get some sort of feedback on these links from NVDA.

Having the "Clickable" option under Document Formatting in NVDA preferences enabled is very helpful. If I didn't have that turned on, I wouldn't even know the text associated with some of these options is a link at all.

I also encountered similar situations in the Tidal, Spotify and MyMedia (Alexa skill) apps. Specifically when accessing the settings page for modifying important options.

Any recommendations on what I can do when trying to navigate pages containing these new fangled visually esthetic links?

I'm using NVDA 2020.1 by the way under Windows 10 2004.


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