Re: is there Netflix app on pc?

Angelo Sonnesso

There is a Chrome browser extension.


73 N2DYN Angelo


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Subject: Re: [nvda] is there netflix app on pc?




Not sure about the app version but the website part works well with NVDA. A while ago I did a tutorial on using nvda with it and turning on audio description as well and finding audio described content.

Gene nz


On 24/05/2020 6:36 am, Lino Morales wrote:

Howdy Darren yes there is. Its best to use with Narrator NVDA nor JAWS work well with Netflix. Its available in the Microsoft Store. Take care.



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Subject: [nvda] is there netflix app on pc?


Hi all,


Is there a Netflix app for windows and is it accessible?


Just interested to know.


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