Re: Ghost Windows When Copying and Pasting or cutting and pasting in Windows Explorer In Windows 10


Its an interesting question as to just what is there.  At times, something is there but I don't think it is a window.  When I use Safely Remove Hardware, after I get the message that its safe to remove whatever the device is, if I don't move, I can read the title bar and see information about that function.  This is in Windows 7 with NVDA.  I haven't tested other combinations of screen-readers and later Windows versions.
Sometimes, I close something, I don't recall what, and the title bar indicates something is there but moving away causes me not to be able to move back to it.  It might be technically interesting to know what is going on but it doesn't appear to be anything incorrect, rather some sort of anamaly or artifact that may occur when combining screen-readers with Windows under certain conditions.

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Hi Luke,

I know the window is still there because as every experienced user of
any screen reader, if you press a keystroke or as in this case, if you
check to see if the file has appeared in the new location and if all you
hear when you press an up/down arrow key is 'blank,' then you press the
keystroke insert (NVDA) + T.    That's when I get the feedback such as
'87%' or 94%' or 100%'.

On 5/23/2020 10:07 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
> On Sat, 23 May 2020, Ron Canazzi wrote:
>> 5. No longer how long I wait, the ghost window stays there until I
>> alt + tab away from the ghost window and then back. The window is
>> then gone until the next time I copy or cut a file.
> And, right there in step 5, would have been the perfect time to
> actually answer my question. Which was, again:
>>> How exactly do you know the window is still there?
> I can put that another way. What screen reader commands do you use
> that tell you the window is still there? What have you tried?
> Luke

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