Re: Ghost Windows When Copying and Pasting or cutting and pasting in Windows Explorer In Windows 10


On Sun, May 24, 2020 at 11:56 AM, Gene wrote:
I'm not sure the sighted people don't have bugs standard is valid.
It's not, nor is it accurate.   By definition one cannot have bugs with software one is not using, but everyone experiences bugs at one point or another.

And as a former developer I can tell you that bug fixes get prioritized based on whether they're show-stoppers (first priority), major stumbling blocks (second priority), minor stumbling blocks (third priority), or trivial annoyances (whenever, if ever).

There is a finite amount of time, money, and talent and that will be focused where it's considered by the software maker to be most needed.  If I can work around something in seconds that won't stop me from reporting it as a bug, but what it will do is make me realize that the probability of said bug being fixed any time soon is very small indeed.

All of the above leaves aside, for simplicity's sake, the fact that software often interacts with each other depending on exactly what's in use.  Very often what appears to be the problem, and is actually where you as an end user are encountering the problem, is not the genesis of said problem.  In the case of NVDA, it even gives you some mechanisms to figure this out to a certain degree yourself, like being able to start NVDA with all add-ons disabled.  If things suddenly start behaving normally, it isn't NVDA itself that's causing the problem, but one of the add-ons you're using.  Then, if you want to be thorough about chasing down which, you turn add-ons back on, but disable half of them.  If the problem is still there, you know it's in that half, if not, it's one in the disabled half.  You keep enabling/disabling by halves within the problem sphere until you find the culprit.  Then you report the culprit and issue to its developer(s).

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