AW: saving pictures from the web with nvda

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have you tried to select save images as from the context menu?


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Von: [] Im Auftrag von Josh Kennedy
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 17. August 2016 20:08
Betreff: [nvda] saving pictures from the web with nvda

I have a few questions. I was curious to see what piezoelectric crystals
look like the ones used in the old braille display technology. So i put
into google picture of piezoelectric crystal and images came up. so i
routed the mouse to the image and did a right click and went down to
save as and it would not save the image. so i then routed the mouse,
locked the left button, alt tab into word2016 then unlocked the left
mouse button, no image. so how do i save images from the web using nvda
and latest firefox? and also is there some sort of a service that i can
upload a picture and have it described?


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