Re: Question about NVDA reading documents or pages containing text in multiple languages

Quentin Christensen

When you create a document, most programs (eg Word) allow you to specify the language it is written in.  You can also specify a different language for portions of the document in another language.  What has most likely happened here, is that the editor was set to Italian, so NVDA tried to read it with Italian inflections, even though the words themselves were in English.

So, your options are to either tell Word the document is actually in English, or set NVDA to ignore language changes and simply read everything in English.



On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 8:21 AM Laurie Mehta via <> wrote:
I have stumbled upon a strange thing and hope someone has some helpful advice for this problem.
When I receive a document that is 99% in English with a small portion in another language NVDA reads that entire document (Word or pdf) as if it is entirely in that other language (not English.) What I mean is that NVDA is pronouncing the words as if in that other language and even going over a word character by character, NVDA spells in that other language's alphabet.
This has happened before and for short documents copying into notepad yields an entirely readable text. A notepad file is less practical for a long document, though, and I think that NVDA ought to be able to read a document in a language even if it has a line or two in a second language.

For example, I recently downloaded a document that is in English with only a line or so in Italian from a Vatican website. Saved in either Word or as pdf, the whole document reads as if NVDA is trying to read it in Italian-- even using the Italian alphabet when I move character by character. If I copy and paste the document into notepad, it reads in English with no problem.

I think that I must have some setting set in NVDA which is causing this issue but I don't know where to look for setting things right.
It seems that NVDA is recognizing some trigger to adjust to a particular language for reading, but I don't know how or where to find that trigger to possibly remove it.
Obviously I could just make a very long txt file for the document to read it, but if I can retain the headings and other formatting of the almost 200 page original I would prefer that.

Do any of you have some helpful advice for this issue?

Laurie M.

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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