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To be honest I am seriously thinking about my future with windows defender.

Due to bgt misreporting I have had to do a lot of exclusions.

I did a single update to a file which I was told to by its developer for a game which had a single bugfix executable patch and then I put it into the excluded folder.

I then had to pass it through smartscreen which I have since got rid of to see if that helps but who knows.

Defender started to rabit on that svchost.exe in c:\windows was infected, except that file did not exist, yet when I switched back to the version of the game that I had previous it worked well enough.

While some blind accessible stuff is outdated it seems that windows defender wants to get round my exclude now.

I have adjusted what security I think I can get away with but its getting to the point if it spreads I will have to run without windows defender completely or simply run less and less software that will conflict with it.

I mean I may have to do eventually but its just a pitty is all.

I am seriously wandering about just disabling windows defender and having an ondemand scanner which works.

I have always wandered if there is something that will use virustotal as a scanner or if they have an on demand.

I seriously don't really need antivirus for much bar file downloads.

With my configuration with scripted games and a few programs, there are things the antivirus will just skip about.

On 27/05/2020 12:37 pm, Quentin Christensen wrote:
We have an open issue for accessibility of ESET.  Evidently ESET are aware and are working on it.  I must admit, I simply use Windows 10's built-in defender and that is what I generally recommend.  Hopefully we will have a positive update from ESET in the near term though.

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On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 7:09 PM Iván Novegil via <> wrote:

Hi all.

A Spanish-speaking user has just contacted us via Twitter to ask about Eset antivirus's accessibility with NVDA. He says that it works fine both with JAWS and Narrator, but despite being listed as supported on Eset's website with NVDA he's finding many issues (no more details about them).

what is you experience with this?

Thanks! Regards.


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