Re: New with NVDA need help

Luke Davis

Do you need to just turn it off in the current session?
If insert+q, or capslock+q, or numpad insert+q (insert is the numpad zero key with numlock off) isn't working for you, you can:

Press insert+n, which opens the NVDA menu. Then move up once, and you should be on exit. Select that option.

If you can't get to the NVDA menu, selecting the NVDA item in the notifications area of the system tray, should get you the menu.

You can also kill NVDA in task switcher, like any other program.

If you are trying to keep NVDA from starting, you can, with NVDA running, press NVDA+n (NVDA key in that context is one of the insert keys I mentioned above), go to preferences, then to settings, then to general, and un-check the box for automatically start NVDA on login.
Do check the box for save settings on exit, if it isn't already, then press OK.
Then restart Windows, if you can't otherwise stop NVDA.

And, while there's nothing wrong with asking if you have trouble, all of this is in the NVDA manual that comes with the program.


On Mon, 25 May 2020, Mard, Elizabeth@DDS wrote:

Actually, it did not work. I need to turn it off and the NVDA q is not working.

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