ccleaner insites? accessible? discussion maybe?


Hi all.

A while ago several months in fact as a user of ccleaner I recieved via their news letter a servey to tell piriform about their product and how good it was.

Of course I naturally opend up a can on how bad it was, etc and all that.

Today I got a message saying there is a panel going up, and asked me to join in one of the questions there was a question about screen readers.

I don't know what this means, but this could be a step in the right direction.

So my first thing to do is work on their accessibility issues.

The first one is the control panel with all the checkboxes.

My second are the settings in particular the button that switches on and off smartclean, I had to use narator to check that button else nvda would jump past it.

Third is healthcheck itself, I am going to ask them to either make it accessible or have it turned off by default for screenreader users because we don't really need it anyway.

Then there are add banners and messages which themselves are not accessible as they currently are.

Finally, there is the startup of smart clean and other things on installdĀ  versions which we don't use or need and which can be a bother to turn off.

Then finally last but not least, its the bundled software that is installed, I know they need advertising for their free versions, and if they really want sponsored listings and such they can open a page on their site with all the extras, sponsered software, etc if they must but not bundle it in.

Avast aint that good, its not accessible and all the extras do is screw up our systems.

I'd also like to add portable mode to installers.

This is most of what I'd want.

The most important are the controlpanel, buttons in settings and the health check for the first bash.

Hell if they just got the control panel right and maybe the buttons in settings it should be a blooming good start.

The panel indicated direct feadback live was another possibility so I would really like this.

If others get this mail I'd encourage joining the panel.

It seems that piriform or ccleaner or avast or whatever they are called are trying to do the right thing here.

Its an awesome step in the right direction.

Now on top of the windows update being so good, keeping 99.9% of all my settings in tact and all, I am a really happy user.

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