Re: Accessible scanner drivers

Luke Davis

OT here, but if you have an iPhone, the iOS version of HP Smart is very accessible.
A few unlabeled buttons, but you can figure them out from context. (E.G. the only unlabeled button on the scan screen, is the scan button.)


On Wed, 27 May 2020, Tony Malykh wrote:

After reading all the replies, I decided to try HP - I bought printer+scanner HP 8035 - one of the top models on Amazon. They offer to install this tool called HP Smart to configure your device. Unfortunately this tool seems to be not accessible - I tried with NVDA and Jaws. Most buttons are not marked, most list elements cannot be read by either screenreader. It seems like the state of accessibility hasn't changed much since 5 years ago. Now I'd have to ask someone sighted to configure it. Maybe in the end I should've tried Canon - more people have recommended it, but in the last moment I changed my mind and switched to HP because customer ratings for Canon products were low on Amazon....

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