Re: Problem while updating NVDA


Hasan, there's a lot you don't tell us. 1 of the questions I have is
what security software are you using, both antivirus & firewall? Also,
are you running as an administrator or just using a standard account,
as updating NVDA likely won't work then.

On 5/27/20, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
Hello Hasan, and welcome.

In a situation like yours, where you sound like you have a very fresh
Windows 10 installation coupled with a fresh NVDA install, is simply
uninstall NVDA after downloading the NVDA 2020 installer, then reinstall.

Others will likely have other suggestions, and you may end up being asked to
supply NVDA logs off-list by those who are able to dig deep under the hood
of NVDA.  Mine is the "quick and dirty" method.

I have had Add-On Updater get cranky on multiple occasions, but it generally
has resolved itself the next time it determines updates exist and tries
again.  That's usually the next day.

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