Re: Problem while updating NVDA


On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 11:36 PM, Jackie wrote:
Also, are you running as an administrator or just using a standard account, as updating NVDA likely won't work then.
Not that this isn't an accurate observation, but I am always willing to make the presumption that someone asking about updating software is most likely using an account with admin privileges.  First and foremost because they get error messages from Windows if they try it telling them they don't have that ability if using a standard account.

It takes about one day, if that, using a standard user account to learn that you are stymied at every turn if doing any kind of software installation, removal, or updating is a frequent part of your routine.

I haven't used a standard account myself for "daily driving" ever, other that to experiment once to see just how restrictive they are.  They're great if you need to "save someone from their own worst impulses" and prevent them from destroying things by button and link clicking at random and installing all sorts of nasty stuff.  But for a serious computer user who "knows the ropes" even somewhat well, they drive you to madness fast.

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