Re: Accessible scanner drivers

Tony Malykh

Thanks, I managed to install the drivers using EasyStart. It is not very accessible, but accessible enough to click through. Curiously enough it tells me that it didn't initialize correctly, but if I keep clicking next>next>next it still installs the drivers correctly. Web interface of the printer seems to be accessible enough, at least at a glance, I will explore it more later. And I'll also try the iPhone app.

Looks like I'll keep this printer for now - since there is an accessible way to use it. Thanks for your help!


On 5/27/2020 2:13 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Easystart just installs the drivers.

You should be able to enable other features from the printer website.

On all your systems you should have the printer drivers, on the newer systems my brother does it but not tested with the  phones, holding your phone near the nfc will cause the printer to locate your phone and set itself up.

the app is hp smart in both phone types so who knows.

I have scanned from the web to pdf with drivers installed and the printer will support eprint jet, air, and cloud though you will need sighted help to initiate the completion on the device of the google cloud registration.

The scanner will support twane and the new windows wia protocol.

As long as your program supports the right protocols then it will work.

There maybe extra service apps to install for your printer on the phones to but it should all work seemlessly.

On 28/05/2020 9:05 am, Tony Malykh wrote:
Will hp easystart,  allow me to use fancy features, like scanning directly to Dropbox? I know this printer supports this feature, but now I'm not sure whether I'd be able to use it...

On 5/27/2020 11:49 AM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Hmmm hp smart is not in any shape or form accessible.

You should go through all the sections, you need to install something called hp easystart, this may or may not work even gets you to set your eservice account.

Now if you don't feel comfortable with that, there is probably a version of your driver in the utilities section though easystart will know what that usually is as there can be multiple versions.

Easystart is still got a few access issues but at least you should be able to read the screens.

In general for hp devices you will need the basic drivers package, and the full driver utility package, and if it comes with ocr software packages depending what that is I'd get that to.

After you get into the websetup on the networked printer, you can do that by finding your unit in network rightclicking with appkey, and selecting view webpage, you can go to tools or settings and maybe admin, and click firmware update or click status and firmware update or search for firmware update,

hitting that and the update button will cause hp to dial home and update, setting this to automatic will usually get updates, though every so often I like to double check to make sure its done as sometimes it will ask you to confirm that the update is installed and ready.

On 28/05/2020 3:52 am, Tony Malykh wrote:
After reading all the replies, I decided to try HP - I bought printer+scanner HP 8035 - one of the top models on Amazon. They offer to install this tool called HP Smart to configure your device. Unfortunately this tool seems to be not accessible - I tried with NVDA and Jaws. Most buttons are not marked, most list elements cannot be read by either screenreader. It seems like the state of accessibility hasn't changed much since 5 years ago. Now I'd have to ask someone sighted to configure it. Maybe in the end I should've tried Canon - more people have recommended it, but in the last moment I changed my mind and switched to HP because customer ratings for Canon products were low on Amazon....

On 5/21/2020 7:38 AM, Tony Malykh wrote:
Hello all,
I am looking to buy a new scanner as my old one just died. However I've heard that scanner drivers from many manufacturers tend to be not very accessible. Can anyone recommend me which scanner (or scanner+printer) comes with accessible driver/accompanying software?


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