Re: NVDA on a Lenovo Miix 630 - no modifier key at all


Isak, did you ensure that the capslock key was checked to work as a
NVDA modifier?

On 5/28/20, Isak Sand <isak.sand@...> wrote:

Thanks so much for your input!
First of all, this is not an NVDA-specific issue. Caps Lock does not work
with Narrator either.

When I configure NVDA so that Caps Lock is not used as an NVDA key, Caps
Lock works just as it is supposed to do: when Caps Lock is pressed once,
NVDA tells that caps Lock is on and all typed letters are capitalized.

I have not yet tested to have another keyboard connected to the machine
itself; I just forced it into Keyboard Help using the Remote Access addon. I
set up a connection between my older Lenovo and that new Lenovo Miix and
pressed Insert+1, just to be able to explore the keyboard properly.

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