Re: NVDA on a Lenovo Miix 630 - no modifier key at all


It sounds to me as though the keyboard may generate a code that screen-readers don't work with.  Since the key does what it is supposed to do when not used as an NVDA key, the explanation appears to be that the code used by the key is not one that NVDA looks for, even though the computer itself responds to it.  You may want to try another keyboard and decide what you want to do when you see the results.

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Thanks so much for your input!
First of all, this is not an NVDA-specific issue. Caps Lock does not work with Narrator either.

When I configure NVDA so that Caps Lock is not used as an NVDA key, Caps Lock works just as it is supposed to do: when Caps Lock is pressed once, NVDA tells that caps Lock is on and all typed letters are capitalized.

I have not yet tested to have another keyboard connected to the machine itself; I just forced it into Keyboard Help using the Remote Access addon. I set up a connection between my older Lenovo and that new Lenovo Miix and pressed Insert+1, just to be able to explore the keyboard properly.

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