Re: How to make backup nvda?


I'm not saying you can't save settings aside from making a portable version, but I would think a portable version would be the easiest way.  Andd any add-ons are also kept in the portable version and will be available if you install NVDA using the portable version.  Your speech dictionaries will also be preserved. 
As far as I know the portable version and installing from the portable version preserves everything or just about everything.
You can save the portable version anywhere, on a thumb drive, an external hard drive, anywhere, even someplace like Dropbox.  I make a new portable version now and then as a backup for anything I've changed over time. 

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Well, I also thought about making the whole portable version of NVDA, I meant that I would choose a folder where my user settings would be copied without creating the whole portable version of NVDA.

Because I don't want to have a problem installing NVDA

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