Re: NVDA and add-ons folder compatible with the new version

hurrikennyandopo ...


The following link to my drop box account may help. some of these are not found on the official web page.

The link to it is

I do also have a drop box one for earlier add ons as well if people want them.

Those drop box links come off my nvda add ons page at

The page has other information and also points to other nvda tutorials etc.

Gene nz

On 29/05/2020 8:56 am, junior wrote:
Hail guys, good afternoon, everything good with everyone?

Guys, in order to have saved here for perhaps a future re installation, ETC, could anyone, if they have, make available a folder with all add-ons compatible with the new version of nvda?

I will be immensely grateful to anyone who makes this available to me.

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