locked win10 2004 and file explorer options issue



Just noticed another little issue with options in folder options/view.

In particularly hidden files and protected os files.

Sometimes when you tick an option to show or hide they may or may not take and have to be done again.

Sometimes they will not reset at all and you have to restore folders.

Its not a showstopper its just annoying, has anyone else noticed this.

I have noticed this on both my computers here.

Now I don't need to really have these options off at least for the c drive except after an install when I want to clear extra junk folders.

It but for my resilios I need to access a folder to clean out its junk files

Though as I sit here I find since I know the folder name I can actually access it without doing so.

Still its another small glitch with this update.

I have also put up a blog post at http://technology.jaredrimer.net on the windows 10 page with links to various drivers I got from codecguide.com.

Due to losing posting on one list I won't post any more information I can't verify or in fact breaks the verification rules.

And since while I can do links I refuse to include entire article pages to justify my posts I'll leave it to others to do.

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