locked win10 2004 and file explorer options issue


To make it clear, before this happened I was configuring some optional features, but it could have happened before this, I was getting rid of some unsecure smb protocols that I did no longer need.

However putting everything back didn't seem to do much.

Its just that settings in file explorer options will not take till I do them twice.

So far this is just the hide protected system files and hidden folders and files, its another annoyance but not a showstopper as I can get around it.

I hhave had it on 2 units an amd ryzen 2ng gen and my 4th generation intel in the same house and also a 7th gen intel I have in another location so its not just my configuration.

I will probably feed back these and see what happens to it.

Its not that important exactly, most of the time I only touch this stuff after major updates and while I need to get access to some folders to do with some file syncing services, I can get access to those another way.

As for others saying only install early if you want to be in the shakedown cruise, I am fully aware of this.

I have tested things for several years now and when its stable enough for the public to use then I will gladly test things as long as its not effecting me directly with to many issues, I have backups.

I would not suggest anyone else do what I do unless they want to test to.

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