Re: problem with the newest chrome

P. Otter

yes, it dramaticaly bad!

but what can we do to solve this problem?


paul otter

Op 18-8-2016 om 23:15 schreef Artin Dekker:

I have this problum whit all links in Chrome.

Op 18-8-2016 om 18:24 schreef P. Otter:
hello all,

i've a problem with the newest version of chrome.

when i type a search string for example nvda the results will coming up, but the link will not be spoken.

what's wrong?

i've allso an older version, but that's a portable version.

when i open this version the results will be spoken allso the links.

what can i do to solve this problem and are there more people who has problems like this in chrome?

i was just glad that i could use chrome in nvda.

the same problem comes up when i open youtube after i have search results.

i don't understand why this is changed.

before chrome was working perfectly!

thanks in advance.

paul otter

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