Re: Tony's addons - updates

Gianluigi Coppelletti


I have some issues with BrowserNav.

The version 1.11 doesn't work for me. If I press "p" or "shift+p" I only get a beep and nothin happens. Other commands like "nvda+alt+arrows" don't work either. No crackling when I press quick navigation commands like "h" for headings.

This happens both with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

If I check for updates I can download and install v. 1.9 which seems to work except for the new commands like "P" and "shift+p".

What am I doing wrong?

I use NVDA 2020.1 on an old laptop with Windows 8.1.

Other add-ons that I have installed are:

Add-on Updater v. 20.06.1

Mozilla Apps Enhancements v. 1.11

OCR v. 2.0

SentenceNav v. 2.7

TextNav v. 1.4

I hope you can help me because this add-on is really very interesting.

Thanks in advance.



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